Monday, October 20, 2008

More gymnastics

As I had previously mentioned my new goal for the duration of the Olympics was to somehow score tickets to see Shawn Johnson compete. As luck would have it I met two Americans at our hostel who had two extra tickets to every event they were going to and were looking to swap them for other tickets since they didn't have too many events to go to. I asked them right away if they had any gymnastics tickets and they did and they were willing to trade me for my judo tickets. Score! I was happy to get to see any events during the Olympics, but if I could see gymnastics instead of judo I was definitely going to trade.

So Kim and I gave them our judo tickets for their gymnastics tickets and that night we made our way to the National Indoor Stadium for the women's gymnastics preliminaries. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that that the countries were broken down into different groups and that America wasn't competing at the time we had tickets for :( It was still fun to watch, but I obviously hadn't met my goal of seeing Shawn perform at the Olympics.

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