Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My humps, my humps, my humps, my humps

My lovely camel's humps.

Yesterday Sherly, Caroline, her sister Jessica and I headed out early in the morning (yet again) to take an interesting trip. We took a bus, another bus and then a taxi and finally arrived in the desert. Once we were in the desert we headed straight for the camels and took a half an hour camel caravan ride through the sandy dunes. I was a little firghtened to be perched so high between the camels two humps, but I really enjoyed the experience.

The whole time we were riding along I kept switching between two songs. The old kids song "Sally the camel" and Fergie's "My Humps." Thus I named my camel Sally "Fergalicious" the camel. My camel didn't spit at all during the trek, but it did fart quite a bit. I was also leading the caravan and the camel behind me kept setting it's head down in my lap.

The weirdest part about the whole thing was the feeling of getting on and off the camelm because they ley down in the sand for you to get on and then stand back up, but they hoist one end up and then the other so it basically felt like I was being pitched forward while the camel gathered it's strength to stand on all four.

After the camel ride we went sand sliding where you get on a wooden sled and slide down a steep sand dune. It was a bit slower than I expected but still a fun experience. Then we left the desert and started to make the trek back to the hostel.

This took over four hours and we were all hot, tired and hungry so it wasn't much fun. Once we finally returned we set out for dinner, which ended up being really nice. We ate at a restaurant with little yurts set up for each party, which was cool to see. After dinner we went home and showered and went to bed so we could have another early start today.

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