Thursday, September 4, 2008


Jon and I decided that instead of heading immediately back to Guilin with the rest of our fellow river cruisers we would hang around Yangshuo for the rest of the day and then make our way back to the city on our own later that evening.

The small (you know, in China terms) city was bustling with people from all over the world and full of western restaurants and cafes. To be quite frank that was the biggest thing to do in the area. There were some mountains to climb and some temples to see, but we didn't have time for mountains and I've seen so many damn temples in China that unless there is something really special to see, I generally pass.

So Jon and I spent the afternoon meandering around, munching on comfort foods, admiring the scenery and soaking up some rays. We also managed to find a few used bookstores/exchange spots where we were able to pick up some new reading material. This basically made my life since I'm generally starved for English reading material.

It was a very relaxing day and the surroundings could not have been better. Also we got a great view of the sunset before jumping on a bus for a few hours to get back to Guilin.

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