Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If the Iowa State Fair took place in China ...

Last night Ross invited us to join him for this outdoor street fair filled with crazy food vendors here in Handan. Apparently they all went last year and had fun so we decided to check it out. Basically, it was a bunch of booths selling crazy foods on a stick.

I decided to be adventurous and use my mantra, "You moved to the other side of the world by yourself, this is easy," to put my stomach to the test. We walked down the aisles of food, watching the crazy cooks sling sticks of meat on the grill, flip and season them all while grooving along to some sweet techno beats.

After seeing all that the street fair had to offer, Ross and I decided to start with some skewers of ostrich meat. As everyone knows I hate birds more than anything else in the world and so Ross decided this would be a good way for me to overcome my fear or to plot some sort of revenge against the birds. The meat actually wasn't bad though, it isn't like I'd go to a restaurant and request ostrich, but I probably wouldn't shy away from it at a dinner party.

Next up we all dove in and had some squid on a stick. It was basically just a chunk of squid with tentacles coming off the top of the skewer. I had tried squid in Sanya during Spring Festival and I really liked it, but this time it was really tough and I had a hard time eating it off the skewer ... I didn't really care for it too much.

Then we went and tried some deer, which Ross had had before. It was awesome. I really liked the deer, the meat was really tender and just delicious. I was glad we tried it, I would totally eat Bambi again. :)

Ben and I also tried some crazy glutenous rice jelly thing that was OK, but I'm pretty sure there is just a lump of slimy rice setting in my stomach now and it is not a pleasant feeling.

All in all it was a good little adventure, and it was the perfect spring day so it was a fun outing for all of us.


UB said...

One hasn't really lived til they expierence "dinner on a stick". I remember those same horiffic expierences, til it was all over, and you realize it wasn't all that bad afterall, including, bark bark.. kei-gogi. We used to wash it all down with a bucket of ramen noodles, a slice of cheese across the top, and a cooler full of old milwaukee beer....maybe thats why it wasn't so bad afterall. Keep going girl, dare yourself to try and explore new adventures, all within reason of course, or just don't tell your mom or grandmom about the really bad stuff. Im smiling here today knowing really, only Erin who could pull of this awesome adventure. Rock on sista

Amanda said...

Hi Erin!!!!!!!!!!!!