Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our photo shoot

On Monday I received a text message from Miss Shan saying we would have our regular TB check-up at the hospital and then afterward the school wanted to take our pictures and then take us out to dinner. The next day we were told to dress nice, but not too nice. Ross called all of us and said, "Why don't we dress really nice just to show off?" Of course we were all game.

So the boys wore their suits and I wore my suit skirt a blouse and a sweater vest and we went to meet everyone for the photos. The two headmasters who were supposed to be in these photos suddenly looked pretty shabby compared to us so they went back inside to change. When they returned we meandered around the school and posed for numerous photos. No doubt these pictures will surface in some recruiting material for the school, but it was actually kind of fun and I got some nice pictures of the four of us, which will be a good memento.

After posing like models we were carted off to dinner, but we still aren't entirely sure why. Perhaps the school wants something for us. Perhaps they were bribing us. Who knows? But it was a fun meal, we ate a ton and joked around and it was nice. I also got to try rabbit, which was really good. The meat was smoked and it was really tender. We also had duck and donkey at dinner. How many people can say that they had rabbit, duck and donkey for dinner the other night?


UB said...

Im not sure your gonna be able to fit back into our society so well once you return Erin. Things like pig's face, donkey, and other crazy things aren't really something we crave around here. However, Uncle Danny did take us to a wonderful lil Italian place by his house last week. They had the best spaghetti and meatballs in the Im wondering just what was in those meatballs???? Well, you know your grandmom is always looking to try new recipe's, so be sure to learn how to prepare the donkey. And Im sure your mom would love to chase a few of the rabbit bunnies out of her yard, and into a pot of hot water for your welcome home dinner. Unfortunately, I'll be re-arranging my sock drawer that night, so I won't be able to make it over for dinner, but,man-ga

Nancy said...

Hi Erin this is Amanda and Grandma. Grandma says that she is never gonna make pig's face or donkey no matter how much she loves you. Maybe rabbit if you beg hard enough. But you will be alone in the kitchen. Everyone else will run away!!! To the park. For birds and butterflies instead of rabbit. Grandma says you should try birds and butterflies if you have tried all of this.

( Amanda taught Grandma how to do this)


Amanda and Grandma

P.S. Grandpanda says Hello and he hopes you are healthy. There is not much new around here. He is looking forward your early return, and see you on Sunday!!!