Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm an old Chinese woman

A week or two ago I finally learned how to play mahjong, an awesome Chinese game that little old ladies sit around and play on the side of the street all over the city. I've been bugging my Chinese friends to teach me how to play for months now, but they all claimed to not know how to play. Apparently during Spring Festival they all went home and learned, because when we go back they were all ready to teach me and to play.

It's a little difficult to explain via my blog, but I can tell you it is nothing like the mahjong game people play online where they try to match tiles. These rules seem to be fairly similar to the way we play the game, but we don't get too involved in the whole scoring system.

It is a really fun game that actually isn't too difficult to play. I'm still working on a few of the Chinese words, but I've got the hang of it now and have even won a few games. One weekend we played for like three hours on Friday and then played for three more hours on Saturday. It seems as though mahjong seems to be all we are doing when we hang out these days.

I'm hoping to gather the courage to go sit down with some old ladies on the side of the road and go play the game with them, but my skills aren't that strong yet.

Everyone back home had better be ready to learn how to play, because I'm going to teach you all when I return. Then I'm going to sit around and play mahjong and drink tea all day.

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