Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ohhhh baijiu was a bad idea.

Last night I consumed entirely way too much baijiu and now I am definitely regretting it. I casually dropped the idea of having some baijiu with dinner last night and Ben and David were game so we decided to have some fun. Two and a half bottles later I was drunkenly riding my bicycle home and screaming random Chinese words. It should also be noted that Amy had written the Chinese character for "lamb kabob" on my forehead and "free please" on Ben's. I also had the names of random songs that David said I would like scrawled all over my left arm. Ben and I pulled over and got some lamb kabobs, which we inhaled and then I went home and spent the night in the bathroom. My head is still throbbing, but it was a funny, very Chinese night so mei shi.

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