Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wo ai cafe nai cha

In English: I love coffee milk tea. Mmmmmm ... milk tea. This is one of my favorite drinks in China and I figured it was due time to give this tasty beverage a shout out on my blog.

Milk tea is a drink they sell in China, although I'm not really sure why they call it tea, because I don't think it is really made from any tea at all. Basically it is a powder that you mix with hot water, shake and drink. In the spring and summer it is also really great as a cold beverage.

Milk tea comes in all different flavors from wheat to strawberry, but my favorite is definitely coffee. There are also these awesome tapioca balls that you can get in the drink that I really like.

They sell milk tea in containers at the store that you can make at home, but they also sell it in stands on the street where they make it for you. That is the way I prefer to buy my milk tea. I think the ones on the street taste better, they have the tapioca balls and they are cheaper than the ones in the store.

There is one girl who always works at the milk tea stand by my house and whenever I pull up on my bike (which is usually two or three times per week) she starts to make my drink for me because I always get the same thing. I guess it's like my Starbucks here in Handan :)

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